Who’s J ‘ Line

Realizing Dreams & Imagination with Simple Way

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J’LINE BALI WEDDING ESCORT founded  by two women who have long a friendly relationship and try to build own kingdom. With different background and characteristic. But have a similar that they are gregarious and friendly.



Kristy, who have experiences on flowers arrangement and love to make a pretty trinkets for wedding souvenirs.

We will always give time to help each couple gets their big day with very special and memorable, especially weddings in bali. We like to see everyone happy and satisfy.

J’Line Bali Wedding would love if can assist and take care of your wedding event,with our experience and creativity to your wedding will certainly be very simple to implement.

Feel the warmth and cheer us on

J ’Line Bali Wedding Escort

Offers you wedding in Bali with the simple, unique, and different
With a touch of creativity and beauty will produce amazing wedding
Bali wedding is the perfect choice
As we know that Bali is so wonderful and beautiful island, The Island of God