J ‘ Line Balinese Blessing Ceremony

balinese-blessingBalinese Blessing Ceremony is for the couple who wants to get experience feeling with Balinese spirit. In this traditional ceremony the Celebrant will be praying for the good things for the couple based on Hindu’s way.

J’Line Balinese Blessing Ceremony

  • Balinese Blessing Ceremony
  • Inclusive of Detailed explanation of all of wedding procession
  • Pre meeting service before running the ceremony with team
  • Balinese Priest and Symbolize of Balinese Certificate of Marriage
  • Rindik Music during Blessing and Ceremony
  • J’Line Balinese Traditional Offering
  • J’Line Balinese Traditional Wedding Costume for Bride and Groom
  • J’Line coordinator assistant and service during the ceremony
  • J’Line wedding rings decorated
  • J’Line welcome board decorated
  • J’Line profesional Wedding Photograph
  • J’Line wedding gift for couple
  • Free return transportation from hotel to the venue for couple only

Exclude : Decoration and Rental venue

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